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“RUN – JO – RUN!”

Jo Johansen is running like a run-away-train right now! She just won the "Wellington Urban Ultra" - first woman home and third overall!!  In other words... there were only two blokes who could beat her from a top field of [...]

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Watch one of our latest cases of stroke recovery

Here is film of one of our most recent successes with treating stroke with HBOT. Robin and Ians story is quiet heart wrenching and we rather fell in love with this wonderful and devoted couple. [...]

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PEMFs AND ANIMALS – it works even better on them!

We have had many of you reporting miraculous recoveries of your pets by using your QRS!  Turns out you were absolutely right because the experts report that this technology works even better on them [...]

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What is the state of YOUR brain? Would you like to SEE it?

Depression, anxiety, ADHD, dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury.... they all look significantly different in a SPECT scan which measures the blood flow to the brain. This psychiatrist has scanned 83,000 brains and used the images [...]

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