Te Kohao Health in Hamilton has now been operating for just three months using mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFt). The results are unsurprisingly the same as ours – absolutely wonderful!

They are treating many of the same issues that we are; chronic pain, migraine, irritable bowel syndrome /constipation and poor sleep. The most common problem Te Kohao see are diabetic complications such as ulcers, poor circulation and non-healing wounds.

We have recently been sent some of their case studies. Imagine if all hospitals and rest homes added QRS-101 PEMF mats to their beds.
WARNING: Some content is graphic and may disturb some readers.

Case Study 1: Eczema and Wound Healing

After two years of infections, ulcers, knee pain and twice weekly visits from the district nurse the patient was referred by his local GP to Te Kohao Health. Before starting Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFt), he rated his pain as between 8-9. At the end of five PEMFt sessions pain had reduced to a 6-7 and after two weeks pain had reduced further to 4-5.  By week three there was no leg pain. A notable ulcer on his calf also healed during this time.

Before and after images taken four weeks apart.

With just QRS PEMFt treatment five days per week, the client made a dramatic recovery in only four weeks. The increase in circulation and cellular voltage is attributed to the tremendous improvement in skin tone and wound healing.

Case Study 2: Wound Healing

This elderly patient had been suffering for 12 months with leg ulcers that had also caused  stress, anxiety and limited mobility.

Case Study 3: Non-Healing Foot Ulcer

This patient had a non-healing foot ulcer, was diabetic and was on the wait list for surgery. He had been visited by the district nurse twice a week for seven years to have dressings put on this ulcer. It remained unchanged for seven years and refused to close. Due to the high risk of infection his surgery was postponed. During this time he started Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMFt), mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) and applied MEBO ointment. The ulcer has all but closed over within 30 consecutive treatments.