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We are only as healthy as our cells

Using pulsating electro-magnetic fields (PEMFs) and mild Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy to activate your body’s self-healing functions.

Whether it’s bathing your cells in localised, low, pulsating electro-magnetic fields or increasing atmospheric pressure to allow your body to incorporate more oxygen — Health Evolution focuses on the whole human body, improving your health step by step, with non invasive methods either in our practice, or with tools we give you to take home.

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The services we offer

Pulsating Electro-magnetic Field Treatment (PEMF)

QRS-101 PEMF Treatments make for a great, non-invasive, low-stress rehabilitation option for soft and hard tissue injuries, circulatory issues and assisted healing response using the bodies own mechanisms.

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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Treament (mHBOT)

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy is a fantastic treatment both for relief of symptoms and rehabilitation for a variety of conditions. Talk to our mHBOT technicians about what’s appropriate for you.

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The most high powered PEMF clinical machine on the market world wide. It treats chronic conditions and pain extremely well. Treatments are short but so powerful.

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QRS-101 Rental

If you’re not sure how you’ll respond to PEMF treatment or would simply like to try before you buy, enquire about our monthly rental programme. It’s hugely popular so there can be a waiting list.

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