The Brain Gauge. Test and measurement equipment for practitioners.

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Science made simple

When the Brain Gauge pulses your fingertips, regions in your brain become active and talk to each other in a very specific manner. The Brain Gauge system measures this communication by asking a few simple questions — similar to the way you would read an eye chart.

How sensitive is Brain Gauge?

Brain Gauge uses your perception of physical touch to ascertain your brain's performance. Your brain's performance is impacted by almost everything you do – like a restless night of sleep or your morning cup of coffee. It's even be used to look into how cough syrup impacts our corticalmetric. No other methods in the world are this sensitive.


1 in stock (can be backordered)

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How does it work?

The Brain Gauge has a special App you access using the Chrome browser. The App uses a game like approach to test patients.  Levels, feedback, and even “player lives” are used to make the patient feel like they are playing a video game while they are actually answering important questions we use to gauge their brain health.

Our gaming innovation not only keeps subjects more engaged in the Brain Gauge tasks, but makes the tasks more scientifically rigorous and targets failure levels that we have observed in our concussion database.


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